Easy Estate

What Is Easy-Estate ?

Searching the property was done by the persons own self from the property dealer or through internet sites there was a limitation of matching choice of their property. In these cases the time was very essential. So to overcome these issues we have developed this product.

Our product is highly flexible one and is well efficient to make easy interactions with the client. This product will provide a platform to home line property sellers and buyers. This will keep record of land, houses or flats available for sale or on rent with their rates and make this available to customers.

Also will keep record of contact information of customers and will send necessary notices and/or reminders to customers.



  • Customers Section
  • Products Section
  • Agent Section
  • Configuration Options
  • Categories & Listings Management
  • Import Export Facility
  • ROI calculation
  • System available 24*7
  • SMS Alerts
  • Bulk Emails and News Letters
  • ACM Management
  • Reports